The title name of Project V confirmed as “VALHALLA SURVIVAL”

May. 29, 2024

■ The official title name borrowed from the warriors’ heavenly ‘Valhalla’ in the flagship IP ODIN world view
■ Combining Lionheart Studio’s developmental power and Unreal Engine 5 to provide the best gaming experience for global users

[2024-0516] LIONHEART STUDIO announced on Thursday that it has confirmed the official title of the new IP Project V under development as “VALHALLA SURVIVAL” It also unveiled the original image of the new concept of “VALHALLA SURVIVAL”

VALHALLA SURVIVAL is a dark fantasy concept hack and slash log-like game. The official title is derived from the fact that it shares the world view with Lionheart Studio’s flagship IP “ODIN: Valhalla Rising (hereinafter referred to as Odin).” Valhalla means the heaven of warriors in Asgard in Norse mythology.

Lionheart Studio’s strategy is to combine Unreal Engine 5 with its overwhelming development power proven by “ODIN” to differentiate itself from existing log-like games and introduce IP with different graphics and gameability through “VALHALLA SURVIVAL”

In addition, as “VALHALLA SURVIVAL” advocates Hack & Slash Loglike, it plans to provide the pleasure of sweeping away large-scale monsters like Diablo at once, collecting various items and skills and creating their own builds by combining them, and providing the pleasure for all users around the world to easily operate with one hand and enjoy a fast-tempo game.

Lionheart Studios is focusing its efforts on the final tempering for the official release of “VALHALLA SURVIVAL” in the second half of the year, and additional information about the game, such as in-game screenshots, advance reservations and official release dates, will be released in stages according to the development schedule.

“VALHALLA SURVIVAL will capture the hearts of global users by showcasing original characters and monsters as well as attractive characters in Odin IP,” said Ko Young-joon, producer of LIONHEART STUDIO’s “VALHALLA SURVIVAL,” adding, “We will make all-out efforts to develop a new history of the log-like genre through differentiated graphics and gameability unique to VALHALLA SURVIVAL”

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