Where the best gather for the best, it is LIONHEART STUDIO.

LIONHEART STUDIO is pursuing high-quality development
with the best technology.

At LIONHEART STUDIO, we create games that exceed the world’s expectations
with bold courage, innovative technology, and leading creativity.


  • 06
    Odin: Valhalla Rising officially launches in Japan.
  • 03
    Odin: Valhalla Rising, officially released in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.
  • 03
    Odin: Valhalla Rising reaches No.1 on Taiwan's most popular list.
  • 03
    Odin: Valhalla Rising, achieved No. 1 in AOS Market.
  • 06
    Odin: Valhalla Rising, officially released.
  • 07
    Odin: Valhalla Rising achieved No. 1 in both markets.
  • 08
    Odin: Valhalla Rising achieved No. 1 in AOS global sales.
  • 11
    Odin: Valhalla Rising received the Best Game of the Month Award.
  • 11
    Odin: Valhalla Rising received the Presidential Award at the '2021 Korea Game Awards.'
  • 05
    Establishment of LIONHEART STUDIO Co., Ltd.
Office Environment

Convenient transportation to Pangyo Station, spacious office space, in-house café, snack corner, game room, break room, massage room, and more provide the best environment to get work done.

Industry-Leading Technology

Using Motion Capture, 3D scan, Facial Controller Rigging, etc., LIONHEART STUDIO creates a higher quality with its unique, differentiated technology.

  • Address :
    LIONHEART STUDIO, 14th floor, Pangyo Techone Tower, 131 Bundangnaegok-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • E-mail :
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