We're recruiting talent from LIONHEART.

Recruitment Field Recruitment
Recruiting At Any Time
Development Headquarters
Odin: Valhalla Rising, Project C, Project S,
Project Q, Project V
Public Organization
UI, Video Production, Service Development (Technology Development, Service Engineering, Information Security), Sound, PM, QA
Management Support
HR, Finance, Legal, PR, IR
For detailed job descriptions, please refer to the ‘Job Openings website’
Recruitment Process
  • Application

    1. Application

    Submit applications through the ‘Job Openings website’

  • Document

    2. Document

    Interview for successful
    applicants only.

    If necessary, a task test
    may be added.

  • Interview

    3. Interview

    Face-to-face interview
    with current employees.

    A second round of
    interviews may be added
    if necessary.

    Result notification
    within 10 days.
    (Subject to availability)

  • Offer Letter

    4. Offer Letter

  • Final Acceptance
    And Employment

    5. Final Acceptance
    And Employment

    3-month probationary period applies.

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