Directors Name Position Professional & Educational Background Term
Executive Director Kim Jae Young Chairman of the Board of Directors
Representative Director
  • (Current) Chairman of Board of Directors, Lionheart Studio Co., Ltd.
  • Representative Director, Action Square Co., Ltd.
  • Chief Development Officer, NEOWIZ Corp.
  • Softnyx Co.,Ltd.
  • KOEI CO., LTD 
Mar.29, 2027
Executive Director Kim Beom Chief Art Officer
  • (Current) CAO, Lionheart Studio Co., Ltd.
  • AD, PearlAbyss Corp.
  • Lead Concept Art, NCsoft Corporation
  • NEXON Co., Ltd.
Apr.26, 2025
Independent Director Kim Jong Chul Chairman of Internal Trading Committee
Member of Audit Committee
  • (Current) Invited Professor, College of Business and Technology, KAIST
  • Representative Director, Air Premia Inc.
  • Advisor, EON GROUP
  • Representative Director, JEJUAIR, CO., LTD.
  • Independent Director, The Circle Foundation
  • Representative Director, EON GROUP
  • McKinsey&Co.
  • International Paper, Corporate Research Center
Mar.29, 2026
Independent Director Kim Jin Suk Chairman of Independent Director Recommendation Committee
Member of Audit Committee
  • (Current) Partner Attorney, Barun Law LLC.
  • Deputy District Attorney, Jeonju District Prosecutor's Office
  • Head of Future Planning Division·Criminal Policy Division, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office
  • Head of Female & Children Crimes Investigation Dept., Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office
  • Auditor of Policy Planning Division, Ministry of Justice
  • Professor, the Judicial Research and Training Institute
  • Deputy Public Officer, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office
  • Female Policy Officer, Ministry of Justice
  • Prosecutor, Gwangju District Prosecutor’s Office
  • Prosecutor, Seoul District Prosecutors’ Office
Mar.29, 2026
Independent Director Wui Jin Oh Chairman of Audit Committee
Member of Internal Trading Committee
  • (Current) Partner, Grant Thornton Daejoo
  • (Current) Independent Director, LOTTECAPITAL CO.,LTD.
  • (Current) Independent Director, Maeil Dairies Co., Ltd. JIN AM Social Welfare Foundation
  • Partner, Bank&Finance, KPMG Samjong Accounting Corp.
Mar.29, 2026
Independent Director Jeong Je Chang Member of Independent Director Recommendation Committee
  • (Current) Professor, Department of Electronic Engineering, Hanyang University
  • Signal Processing Institute, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO,.LTD
Mar.29, 2026
Independent Director Ha Byoung Chun Member of Independent Director Recommendation Committee
Member of Internal Trading Committee
  • (Current) Professor, School of Business, Sogang University
Mar.29, 2026
Non-executive Director Han Sang Woo Non-executive Director
  • (Current) CEO, Kakao Games Corp.
  • CEO, Tencent Korea
  • COO, AINA GAMES Co., Ltd.
  • Vice President, NEOWIZ Corp.
Mar.29, 2027
Non-executive Director Lee Si Woo Non-executive Director
  • (Current) CBO, Kakao Games Corp.
  • Bsuiness Division, Kakao Games Corp.
  • Director, GAMEIN Foundation
  • Business Part, Wemade Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Mar.29, 2027
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