We keep making a highly-satisfying work environment.

The Right People For Our Company
  • Passion

    Someone who is passionate about games and who can enjoy playing games as well as developing.

  • Challenge

    Someone who aims for a high goal and keeps challenging themselves.

  • Teamwork

    Someone who can grow with us with an open mind and respect to communication and diversity.

Employee Benefits

LIONHEART STUDIO support for our employees healthy and sustainable growth.

Daily Life
  • Employee Benefit Card Don’t hesitate when paying.
    We offer employee benefit cards that
    you can use whenever you want
    (2 million won per year).
  • Lunch Allowance Don’t skip a meal. We will pay for you.
    We provide you with 15,000 won
    per day.
  • Birthday Present It’s your day! We give you a birthday present
    and allow you to take a half
    on your birthday.
  • Snack Bar The fun of choosing what you want to eat! We fill the snack bar every day for you.
  • Cafeteria We always provide coffee whenever
    you want! You can enjoy our cafeteria
    at a lower price.
  • The Best Working Environment We support for Herman Miller chairs
    and high-end office equipment. Additionally,
    our office is conveniently connected to
    Pangyo Station, making commuting easy.
Health & Refresh
  • Refresh Leave We offer rewards and holidays for our
    long-term employees for their hard work.
  • Medical Check-up Health is the most important! We provide a check-up package once a year.
  • Health Keeper You can use the massage service of our company when you need it.
  • Rest Area Various areas for you to refresh yourself.
    A gaming room, massage chair, sleeping room.
Work Life
  • Parking Don’t worry about a parking lot. We provide parking lots in Alphadom city, Pangyo.
  • Books And Education Allowances We support your growth! We provide allowances for your education and books required for work.
  • Company Dinner We provide active support for
    teamwork by providing 70,000 won per year
    for team dinner.
  • Leave Allowance Don’t worry even if you haven’t used your leaves. We offer an allowance for unused leaves each year.
  • Overnight Allowance When you work late, we will take care of you. Meals and transportation are provided.
With Family
  • Congratulation And Condolence Allowance And Leaves We will be with you on your joyful days and sad occasions. We offer congratulation and condolence allowances and leaves, and other funeral services.
  • Holiday Gift Visit your family with your hands full of gifts! We provide gifts worth 300,000 won.
  • Resort Go on a holiday with your loved ones. You can use our partner resorts at 50% discount.
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