LIONHEART STUDIO unveils the next-generation IP ‘ProjectS’

Apr. 11, 2023

SF-based, “Post Apocalypse” concept that depicts a worldview in which humanity has been destroyed by an unknown disaster.

Loot shooter genre-based, ‘Unreal 5’ engine adopted to maximize development and gameability proven by ‘Odin’.


[2023-0411] LIONHEART STUDIO, which marked a milestone in Korea’s MMORPG (Multi-Access Role Playing Game) history with “Odin: Valhalla Rising (hereinafter referred to as Odin), will inject the DNA of the success story of “Odin” into the shooting game genre this time.

LIONHEART STUDIO (Chairman Kim Jae-young) announced on the 11th (Tuesday) that it has first unveiled the original concept of “Project S (tentative name)” as the next-generation IP (Intellectual Property Rights). This release of ‘Project S’ is LIONHEART STUDIO’s second new IP following the previously released Collective Fostering Simulation Project C (tentative name).

“Project S” is expected to draw attention from users and the industry in that it is a loot shooter that combines shooting games and RPGs, not the authentic RPG genre that LIONHEART STUDIO has introduced. Loot shooter is a genre that adds RPG elements that use gun weapons to shoot down enemies and foster their own characters through trophies.

“Project S” is based on SF and is designed with a post-apocalypse concept that depicts the world view after the collapse of mankind due to an unknown disaster in the near future.

In the concept original released this time, you can see unique characters who fight against enemies who threaten humanity using various weapons such as guns and swords. In addition, you can feel the post-apocalypse worldview drawn by Project S in advance through the ruined future city.

In particular, LIONHEART STUDIO’s strategy is to once again imprint the best graphics quality, technology, and gameability without compromise, which has been proven as “Odin” through “Project S.” To this end, Lionheart Studios is developing ‘Project S’ with Epic Games’ latest game engine ‘Unreal 5’.

LIONHEART STUDIO is developing ‘Project S’ targeting PC and console platforms to provide the best graphics quality and gameability, with the launch aimed at 2024. In the future, game information, in-game images, and teaser videos will be released sequentially through various channels and media in line with the development of ‘Project S’.

An official from LIONHEART STUDIO said, “We expect LIONHEART STUDIO to not only succeed in Odin but also become a global top tier game company by injecting its DNA into new IPs of various genres and platforms through Route Shooter ‘Project S’ and Collective Fostering Simulation ‘Project C’ released this time.”

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