LIONHEART STUDIO unveils the original version of the ‘Project C’ concept for the first time

Apr. 04, 2023

■ Based on fantasy worldview, attractive 3D graphics with animation style and various characters full of personality.

■ Subculture-collective nurturing simulation genre… Accelerate development with mobile and PC platform targets.


[2023-0404] LIONHEART STUDIO, which wrote a new history of MMORPG (Multi-Access Role Playing Game) in Korea with “Odin: Valhalla Rising (hereinafter referred to as Odin), will challenge the genre of collective fostering simulation in the subculture field.

LIONHEART STUDIO (Chairman Kim Jae-young) announced on the 4th (Tuesday) that it has unveiled the concept original of the collection-type development simulation game Project C for the first time as the first new IP (intellectual property rights) to continue the success story of Odin.

Through the original concept of “Project C” released this time, you can see the attractive and unique characters in the style of animation. The actual game adopts a ‘cartoon rendering’ method that uses 3D graphics to give an animation-like feeling. It plans to allow characters to feel the beautiful movements in three dimensions.

“Project C” is based on a fantasy worldview where magic exists, and the user becomes an instructor and guides characters who have entered the academy. Users should share their journey to graduation with characters with special abilities and individuality, and after the characters graduate, they should lead them and proceed with the main story.

In addition, “Project C” will focus on the growth and change of the character and provide the pleasure of watching the character grow according to the user’s choice and development direction. The strategy is to freely grow characters through various fostering methods and contents, and to maximize the essential fun of subculture fostering games that deeply interact and sympathize with characters in the process.

‘Project C’ aims to be released globally in 2024, and plans to introduce it as a multi-platform such as mobile and PC. LIONHEART STUDIO plans to sequentially release game information, in-game images, and teaser videos through various media channels in line with the development of ‘Project C’.

A LIONHEART STUDIO official said, “Project C is significant in that it challenges a new genre called subculture collection development simulation, going beyond the MMORPG field that has proven excellent technology and box office success with Odin.”

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