LIONHEART STUDIO hires Large-Scale ‘Odin’ Global Service Developer

Mar. 27, 2023

■ Recruitment of global service-related talents such as clients, servers, art, planning, and business PM.

■ ‘Odin’ Global Services Plans To Launch In North America And Europe In Q4, Starting With Japan In Q1 2023.


[2022-1122] LIONHEART STUDIO (Chairman Kim Jae-young) announced on the 22nd (Tue) that it will hire developers for the global service of Odin: Balhala Rising (hereinafter referred to as Odin).

Introduced by LIONHEART STUDIO in June last year, “Odin” is an immersive story based on excellent graphics, original gameability, and Nordic mythology, and has achieved a new era in Korea’s MMORPG (multi-access role-playing game) by ranking first in Google Play sales for 17 consecutive weeks since its release.

In particular, in March this year, Odin was launched in the Taiwanese market as its first global service, and it achieved 50 billion won in sales in a month, ranking first in Google Play and Apple App Store sales immediately after its launch. In the Taiwanese market, Odin, like the domestic market, is cruising, maintaining its top sales in both markets.

Starting with Japan in the first quarter of next year, LIONHEART STUDIO will recruit large-scale developers ahead of the expansion of global services in North America and Europe’s Odin in the fourth quarter. The recruitment field is overall global services such as ▲ client ▲ server ▲ art ▲ planning ▲ business PM.

To apply, you can apply through the “LIONHEART STUDIO” exclusive page on the game employment portal “Game Job” site, and you can also check detailed information such as application requirements and screening period for each recruitment job group. The recruitment process will be conducted in the order of ‘document screening → 1st interview → 2nd interview → employment’.

Meanwhile, LIONHEART STUDIO is also hiring new employees for the next three projects at the same time. ▲ The collection-type RPG genre ‘Project C’ ▲ the root shooter genre ‘Project S’ ▲ the MMORPG genre ‘Project Q’ and many developers are being hired for each project. You can also use the Lionheart Studio exclusive page in the game job to check and support recruitment jobs for each next project.

“LIONHEART STUDIO moved to Pangyo Tech One Tower near Pangyo Station in May this year, and has its own R&D facilities such as 3D scanning rooms, motion capture rooms, and sound rooms,” said a LIONHEART STUDIO official.

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