Recruitment Field Recruitment
Recruiting At Any Time
Development Headquarters :
Odin: Valhalla Rising, Project C, Project S,
Project Q, Project V
Public Organization :
UI, Video Production, Service Development (Technology Development, Service Engineering, Information Security), Sound, PM, QA
Management Support :
HR, Finance, Legal, PR, IR
For detailed job descriptions, please refer to the job postings within 'Game Job'.
Recruitment Process
  • Application

    1. Application

    Receive applications through job postings within 'Game Job'.

  • Document

    2. Document

    Interview for successful
    applicants only.

    If necessary, a task test
    may be added.

  • Interview

    3. Interview

    Face-to-face interview
    with current employees.

    A second round of
    interviews may be added
    if necessary.

    Result notification
    within 10 days.
    (Subject to availability)

  • Offer Letter

    4. Offer Letter

  • Final Acceptance
    And Employment

    5. Final Acceptance
    And Employment

    3-month probationary period applies.

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