LIONHEART STUDIO reveals the Concept of the Next MMORPG ‘Project Q’ for the First Time

Apr. 18, 2023

■ Reinterpreting Nordic myths in the form of spin-offs of “Odin” and providing a full 3D seamless open world MMORPG experience.

■ ‘Unreal 5’ engine-based triple-A-class large-scale project… PC and mobile platforms targeted for launch in 2025.


[2023-0411] LIONHEART STUDIO is planning to develop the next IP (intellectual property rights) that will continue the success story of MMORPG (multi-access role-playing game) “Odin: Valhalla Rising (hereinafter referred to as Odin).”

LIONHEART STUDIO (Chairman Kim Jae-young) announced on the 11th (Tuesday) that it has unveiled the original concept of the next MMORPG-based ‘Project Q (tentative name)’ for the first time. The release of “Project Q” is LIONHEART STUDIO’s third new IP following the previously released Collective Fostering Simulation Project C (tentative name) and Root Shooter RPG “Project S (tentative name).

In particular, ‘Project Q’ is a spin-off title that expands ‘Odin’ IP and is being developed as a ‘Triple A’-class large-scale IP. To this end, LIONHEART STUDIO has established the “Project Q” development headquarters, which has a large number of key developers who have proven their development power and box office success with “Odin.”

The original “Project Q” concept released this time contains the grandeur of Nordic mythology as it is the spin-off title of “Odin” IP. You can see warriors of various classes who can feel the experience of fierce battles on the vast Nordic continent with only facial expressions, and the Midgard region where you can get a glimpse of the gloomy and mysterious atmosphere.

LIONHEART STUDIO is developing ‘Project Q’ as a full 3D seamless open world MMORPG based on Epic Games’s latest game engine ‘Unreal 5’ for the best graphic implementation. At the same time, LIONHEART STUDIO’s differentiated technology will be gathered in terms of graphics such as 3D scanning, motion capture, facial morphing (expression change), and video production.

In the case of the story line of “Project Q,” it plans to reinterpret Nordic myths and deal with stories that are closer to historical than “Odin.” Based on the story of the epic poem “Eda” of Nordic mythology, various stories will be melted into the game, including conflicts between humans and humans, forces and forces, and even the war of gods.

LIONHEART STUDIO is developing ‘Project Q’ as a mobile and PC cross platform, just like ‘Odeen’, and the launch is aimed at 2025. In the future, game information, in-game screenshots, and teaser videos will be released sequentially through various channels and media in line with the development of “Project Q.”.

An official from LIONHEART STUDIO said, “Project Q is focusing on LIONHEART STUDIO’s best capabilities to develop it into a triple-A-class MMORPG IP that follows the genealogy of Odin,” adding, “Project Q” will present a new milestone in MMORPG history by providing users with the best graphics and gameability they have ever experienced.”

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